Our Story

Moncasa evolved from a meeting of several construction veterans on a new Northern NSW residential estate. The marketing manager of the estate was having difficulty finding builders as most of the blocks were steep. Traditional builders were shunning the estate because of expensive excavation, structural and OHS issues involved.

The marketing manager had learnt that modular homes offered a far quicker and more cost effective solution to the problem. The modules were simply craned in and assembled like a Lego set. The end result is an immensely strong building that visually was absolutely identical to a high quality home constructed on site.

The problem was that that most existing modular home manufacturers used wooden frames. Wooden frames are incapable of bearing the structural loads that affect multistorey buildings on steep sites.

Several of the attendees at the meeting, including Dr Bruce Dwyer and Dan Alroy, recognised the opportunity to start a company that specialised in high quality steel framed modular homes. Moncasa was born. The focus of the company has temporarily moved away from building on steep slopes due to the long winded DA processes in NSW. Moncasa initially focused on tiny homes that did not require a DA. The company tested it construction modular construction methods by completing what is probably the most expensive and exotic steel framed tiny home yet constructed in Australia.

However in spite of its much publicised popularity, the Australian tiny home market is actually quite small. The difficulty in obtaining purchase finance may partly explain this phenomenon. Those that need tiny homes most can least afford them.

Dr Dwyer’s research showed that the Queensland granny flat market was set to boom after the State Government relaxed the laws on renting backyard granny flats. It became clear that an attractive granny flat could pay for itself. Negative gearing is now possible in many cases.

Presently Granny flat manufacturers range from cheap crude container conversions (Councils hate them and they will not be able to comply with the new NCC 2023) to site built homes. Some of the latter are the equivalent of a small economy class house and can take a very long time to build.

Many marvel at the low prices quoted for some granny flats, only to learn deep in the fine print of the website that the prices are for Chinese DIY flatpacks. In many cases, the final price a purchaser is likely pay is concealed behind the murky phrase “priced from only”. Almost every desirable feature is a costly optional extra. We believe that these are deceptive marketing practices.

The Moncasa approach

We won’t bore you with a tirade of philosophical virtue signalling, except to simply state:

  1. We are paranoid about building feature filled homes that will last for centuries.
  2. We are paranoid about reducing electricity consumption.
  3. We are paranoid about noxious and potentially carcinogenic emissions from cheap building materials.
  4. We are paranoid about meeting delivery schedules.

Management Team

Managing Director

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Dr Bruce Dwyer – Managing Director

Our founder has spent much of his life innovating designs for difficult to build on locations. A few years ago and his wife Judi built an exotic home on a flood prone billabong at Coffs Harbour! Bruce built the heavy-duty concrete and steel foundations himself.

In recent times Bruce (He has a PHD in finance from Bond University) has undertaken extensive research on construction costs for residential estates developed on steep or marshy terrain. He concluded that ecologically and environmentally friendly homes can be better manufactured in clinically clean and climate controlled off site factories. Chemical-free indestructible steel rather than timber is the high technology framework of choice.

Bruce has spent the last two years working with Australian manufacturers at his own expense to learn how offsite manufacturing can deliver a superior home. He is passionate that offsite manufacture is the home building technique of the future. It’s no coincidence that Warren Buffett has bought the largest offsite home manufacturer in the USA.

Construction Team

Chief of Construction

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David Bacon
Structural Engineer

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Dennis Cardakis
Supervisor Construction

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Dan Alroy – Chief of Construction

Dan is our resident construction site manager. He is a fourth generation Australian carpenter with 16 years experience in site managing residential construction, including multi-million dollar high-end quality new builds in premier locations. He is driven by quality craftmanship and has an extraordinary eye for detail.

Dan shares our unwavering belief that a far higher quality of construction can be achieved by manufacturing modules in a weatherproof environment. He is experienced in craning and joining manufactured segments into a beautiful home.

David Bacon – Structural Engineer

David is a highly qualified and experienced structural engineer who specialises in designing and laying foundations on steep sites. He is a specialist in dealing with unstable soil.

Dennis Cardakaris – Supervisor Construction

Dennis is a licensed Queensland Builder and prior to joining Moncasa owned and operated his own construction Denem Building Management Pty Ltd. For nearly a decade he led multidisciplinary teams engaged in large scale complex commercial and residential projects.

Prior to that he was site foreman for Buildline Constructions, a Sydney based company that also undertook large and complex commercial and residential projects. 

Dennis both demands and delivers exceptionally high standards of craftmanship. He is not averse to working on the tools himself if the occasion demands.

Darrin Caswell
Chief Metal Fabricator

Dean Sellers
Design and Structural Engineer

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Dean Sellers – Engineer

Dean Sellers is our steel frame component supplier.

He has formal qualifications in engineering and building design. He commenced his career in the steel fabrication industry as a trade qualified fitter and turner. He has managed steel fabrication projects around the world from super yacht yards in Europe to a studio design here in Australia.

Dean and his local company, DWS Steel, have played a significant role in the design of the steel frames used in Moncasa homes.

Design Team

Andrew Halstead

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Interior Designer

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Andrew Halstead – Architect

Andrew is an award winning A+ Australian Institute of Architects member.  He was a pioneer of modular home design and construction methods in the UK before migrating to Australia.

He was the architect behind one of the major buildings at Bond University.   He has now partnered with MONCASA and has produced an outstanding range of compact homes and granny flats.  

If MONCASA can’t produce a stock design that matches your requirements Andrew will work with you to custom build the perfect home.   Modular construction methodology is ideal for steep or difficult sites, and this is where Andrew excels.

Judi Dwyer – Interior Designer

Judi has had decades of experience in maximising the functionality of residential interiors.  As a registered age care nurse in a previous incarnation, she is particularly sensitive to the needs of older folk. 

The level of accessibility now mandated by NDIS and the new National Building Codes care are second nature to her.   Her ability to employ materials and colours to striking but harmonious effect is second to none.     

Her experience and inspirational advice is free to all purchasers of a MONCASA home.

Finance Team

Joel Bradford
Finance Broker

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Tim Egan
Finance Broker

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Joel Bradford and Tim Egan – Finance Brokers

We are fortunate to have two of Australia’s most innovative modular home finance brokers on our team. Joel & Tim will provide you with access to a wide choice of lenders, including the major banks.

They understand the loan pre-approval requirements of all major lenders, making it quicker and easier for you to apply for pre-approval. They can also show you how to tap your equity in your existing home to cost effectively fund a rental granny flat.

Our People.

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