2 Bedroom Granny Flats.

2 bedroom granny flat

Moncasa 2

2 bedroom granny flats

Ballpark Prices start at $206,000 including transport, but not including some site specific work.
After a site appraisal and soil test we will provide a fixed all up price that will include all site specific work.

Moncasa offer a series of compact two bedroom granny flats ranging in size from 50 to 68 square metres.

Two Bedroom All-Inclusive Prices


New Moncasa 50 square metre two bedroom granny flat

Base Price $206,000


New Moncasa 60 square metre two bedroom granny flat

Base Price $227,000


Moncasa’s original 68 square metre two bedroom granny flat (still available)

Base Price $240,000

Moncasa 2

Standard MONCASA two bedroom granny flat features include:

  • An indestructible super strong steel frame that is 100% termite and rot proof.
  •  Choice of roof styles.
  •  Raked ceilings making the interior light and airy
  •  A large fully roofed deck.
  •  Large island bench
  • Low energy powerful air-conditioning to living areas.
  •  Flush wipe clean cooktop and rangehood.
  •  Low maintenance electric coil oven.
  •  Dishwasher
  •  A stunning state of the art tiled bathroom/laundry.
  •  Fully carpeted bedrooms.
  •  LED lighting throughout.
  •  Quality roller blinds.
  •   An immense choice of interior and external colors and finish


+         Fully integrated one or two car carports

+         A 100% off grid model.

+        Full solar hot water system.

+         Paving, fencing and landscaping.

*We reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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Fastest delivery

Moncasa 2 bedroom granny flats are precision built in our Gold Coast factory by our team of dedicated and experienced modular home craftsmen. They are the best in the business. It is impossible to tell the difference between a Moncasa off-site manufactured granny flat and a conventionally built on-site granny flat. Modular construction means that the home is completed in a fraction of the time it takes to build the same design onsite.

You can expect your Moncasa granny flat to be ready for occupancy within 12 weeks of placing the order.


Priceing Structure of Moncasa two bedroom granny flats.

The total cost of any Moncasa granny flat is made up of:

  • A fixed base price, which includes delivery up to 150 km from the Gold Coast. Longer distances are subject to quotation.
  • Council Development Approval costs which may include soil tests, a contour survey, a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment, a slope stability risk assessment (for really steep sites), and the actual Council costs associated with the DA itself. Moncasa is a one stop shop, meaning that we co-ordinate all the grunt work required for the DA.   Note that in many cases a town planning DA will not be necessary under the new granny flat legislation.
  • Site works that include works required on your site prior to your modules arriving. Site works typically include demolition, cutting and filling of the site, the preparation and installing of footings, connections for electricity, water and plumbing, constructing driveways and landscaping.
  • Options include carports, rainwater tanks, state of the art septic systems and solar panel arrays. We also offer a totally off-grid system by Off-Grid Energy.

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That’s is the first question many people ask. Some granny flat builders, especially kit home suppliers, try to attract buyers by quoting “from $xyz”. When the erstwhile buyer finally adds up all the necessary items needed to make a turn-key home from a kit-home flat pack, they are often staggered at how “from $xyz” becomes into a massive capital outlay.

A good quality modular or traditionally built three bedroom granny flat that meets the rigorous new NCC 2022 building code, will set you back $220-$280,000. Inclusions are the major determinant of price. Few granny flat builders include solar panels, airconditioning, decks, carports, dishwashers, floorcoverings or even blinds in their base price.

The Moncasa 2 and its smaller version are all constructed using 100% steel frames, and thus they are immensely strong and durable. They are built under tightly controlled conditions in a factory thus, it takes a fraction of the time a timber site build takes.

Delivery usually takes around 12 weeks.

We can arrange a visit to our factory at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast

Transport up to 100km from our Burleigh heads factory is included in our pricing.

Longer distances may incur a charge. The price includes everything but the variable costs of site work and supplying sewerage, water and electricity. We calculate the cost of this work for your particular site and include it in the total contracted cost of the granny flat.

Firstly it is not a relocatable home, but a permanently set home exactly the same as a an offsite home. Any modular home funding problem that is almost exclusive to Australia, because there is little competition between banks. Offsite building has become the norm in the USA and parts of Europe including Sweden and Norway (Warren Buffet owns the largest modular home company in the world and his homes are funded in exactly the same as any traditionally built home). Bank loans for off site built homes are
readily available in most other countries.

A 20% deposit is the norm for an Australian offsite manufactured home. If you have owned your property for a few years and are looking to add a granny flat, you may have built up enough equity to finance it 100% without the need for a separate deposit.  Home equity is the difference between your property’s market value and the balance of your mortgage.

We work with specialist brokers who can advise you on the accessible equity you have in your property, in order to add a granny flat.

If your property does not have enough equity to finance the build of a granny flat, you have other options. For example, a construction loan may be a suitable alternative. A construction loan may involve restructuring your current loan to include the cost of building the granny flat.

A construction loan works differently to a traditional home loan, as the funds will be available in stages to make the deposit and progress payments the builder. Again, our licensed finance brokers can assist here. There is no charge for their expert up front advice.

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