The Moncasa building process and pricing

Moncasa Granny flats are custom designed mini mansions. Our architect and interior designers will go to enormous lengths to meet each client’s individual requirements. All our granny flats and homes are modular built offsite in controlled conditions by top gun tradesman. Delivery is usually only 12 weeks from Council approval. The base price includes delivery and all the inclusions necessary to allow you to move into your new home right away.

The total cost of your luxurious Moncasa granny flat is made up of:

  • A fixed base price, which includes delivery. All designs featured on this website are priced at a ballpark price which in most cases (depending on the chosen fit out) will be close to the design’s base price.
  • Council Development Approval costs which may include soil tests, a contour survey, a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment, a slope stability risk assessment (for really steep sites), and the actual Council costs associated with the DA itself. Moncasa is a one stop shop, meaning that we co-ordinate and submit all the documentation required for the DA. Note that in some cases a DA may not be necessary (see ‘more information’ on this page).
  • Site works that include works that are required on your site prior to your modules arriving. Site works typically include demolition, cutting and filling of the site, the preparation and installing of footings, connections for electricity, water and plumbing, constructing driveways and
  • Options include rainwater tanks, state of the art septic systems and solar panel arrays. We can offer a totally off-grid system by Off-Grid Energy.
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