EcoHaven energy saving guest houses, ready to occupy from $165,000
EcoHaven energy saving granny flats and guest houses are without argument Australia's most energy efficient smaller homes. Fully certified & deliverable anywhere on the East Coast.
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EcoHaven Modular Guest Houses

Spacious two-bedroom granny flats from $165,000 fully certified and ready to occupy

We can build a luxurious ready to occupy 2-bedroom guest house on your property for as little as $165,000 fully fitted with all inclusions. Build time is three months. Difficult sites are not a problem.

Without argument our new EcoHaven range offer Australia’s most energy efficient smaller homes. EcoHaven homes are not converted containers or tiny homes, but properly certified spacious homes. They can be delivered anywhere on the East Coast.

Outwardly the high technology design resembles Moncasa’s bestselling 2-bedroom modular cottage, but under the skin it is far more energy efficient. It is constructed using high quality Australian made insulated sandwich panels.

Sandwich panel construction has been a certification challenge for many builders, but Moncasa have proudly perfected a hybrid engineering solution. Our Guest House is grossly over engineered and is designed for decades of maintenance free life. For example, the panels used are 150mm thick. Most housing applications use far thinner 100mm panels.

The use of insulated panels for our Guest Houses offers many advantages:

  • Insulation: The insulation layer between the panels provides superb thermal resistance, helping to keep the interior temperature stable and reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling.
  • Faster Construction: Our sandwich panels are prefabricated off-site, allowing for much faster construction than traditional building methods.
  • Strength and Durability: Sandwich panels are known for their strength and durability, providing a sturdy structure that can withstand various weather conditions and external stresses.
  • Versatility: The outer and inner cladding of the panels can be customized to fit different architectural designs and interior decors.
  • Fire Resistance: Eps foam sandwich panels offer better fire resistance than most conventional building materials, enhancing the safety of the house’s occupants.
  • Environmental Impact: Our sandwich panels contain closed cell EPS foam which is
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Investment opportunity

A quality low-risk investment that generates significant income while increasing the value of your Brisbane property by up to 30%.

Quick build time

A Moncasa Guest House can be built in as little as 12 weeks, allowing you to enjoy your new space sooner.

No Application required

In Qld and NSW, Moncasa Guest Houses can be erected without a DA, provided the property meets certain criteria.

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Our extensive in-house market research shows that a modular guest houses can be a good investment in Queensland. It terms of rental, it offers maximum return. Local real estate agents believe that a well-designed 2 bedroom modular guest house can add  value to an existing property.

Yes we proudly service Brisbane as we are conveniantly located less than an hour away in Burleigh Heads.

Our managing director Dr Bruce Dwyer’s research showed that the Queensland guest house market was set to boom after the State Government relaxed the laws on renting backyard granny flats. It became clear that an attractive guest house could pay for itself. 

Presently Granny flat manufacturers range from cheap crude container conversions (Councils hate them and they will not be able to comply with the new NCC 2023) to site built homes. Some of the latter are the equivalent of a small economy class house and can take a very long time to build.

Our passion is building feature-rich homes designed to stand the test of time. We are fully committed to reducing electricity consumption, ensuring the use of safe and high-quality building materials, and guaranteeing timely delivery of our homes.

Moncasa’s 2-bedroom Guest House is a spacious and sustainable design available completely turnkey at just $175,000. 

A granny flat, or modular guest house, commonly found in Australia, is a small, self-contained living unit typically located on the grounds of a single-family home. It’s designed to accommodate one or two people and includes essential amenities like a kitchen, bathroom, and living space. The term “granny flat” originated from its popular use as a convenient and close-by residence for elderly family members, such as grandparents, allowing them to live near their families while maintaining a degree of independence.

In addition to housing elderly relatives, guest houses in Australia are often used for various other purposes. They can serve as a private space for adult children still living at home, a source of rental income, accommodation for visitors, or even as a home office or studio. These flats are a practical solution for expanding living space on your existing property without the need to buy a bigger home.

Guest houses are particularly valuable because they can enhance the value of your property and offer an efficient way to meet housing needs without expanding your property’s footprint. At Moncasa, we’re committed to understanding the unique requirements of building a granny flat, ensuring it fulfills its intended purpose while also blending seamlessly with your property and the surrounding area.


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